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Kerb Charge


As easy as 1, 2, 3

Initial Discussion

The first step to getting a quote prepared is to have an initial discussion with our team. From there, Kerb Charge will obtain “Dial before You Dig” documents and internet accessed photographs of your home to assess installation suitability. We will also contact your local council to determine an indictive approval. Any pricing given at this stage is subject to site check and measure.

Site Check & Measure

If you decide to proceed one of our team will visit your home to determine the best installation pathway. This involves taking special consideration of any services, meter location, and architectural features of your home. We will take detailed dimensions, photographs, and site drawings.

Works Contract

If you decide to proceed further, you will need to enter a works contract.

Our Pricing

Customised Solutions

Each Kerb Charge install is customised for your house, which brings unique challenges and solutions. For this reason we are unable to provide a quote, without first getting an understanding of what your install will require.

Our pricing includes the Kerb Charge system (Kerb Charge unit, our certified charge station and connection cable to your vehicle), local council and Energy Safe Victoria applications and approvals, and all installation works.

Kerb Charge provide a 2-year warranty on all components.

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