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Kerb Charge


At Kerb Charge we believe we are all part of the fight to build a sustainable future.

Light vehicles account for 10% of Australia's total Co2 emissions. With the uptake of electric vehicles we can all contribute to making Australia, and the world, cleaner for future generations. How? By building an electric future. 

At Kerb Charge it was clear to us households without off-street parking are at a significant disadvantage in joining that future. How do you buy an electric car, without the means to charge it at home? Gamble on the availability of public charge stations,  and waste time each week waiting for your car to charge? The owner and inventor of Kerb Charge struggled with that very problem. Despite being a keen environmentalist, and wanting  to purchase an electric vehicle he was always held back from purchasing by being unable to charge the car at home. Enter Kerb Charge.


Kerb Charge was born from humble beginnings in 2018. An idea thought of in a backyard shed, refined over the past 4 years and built right here in Australia.

About Us

The Kerb Charge Story

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