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Kerb Charge


Kerb Charge is the first of its kind.  Our patent pending technology aims to take away a major barrier holding back the uptake of electric vehicles; the lack of on-street personal electric vehicle charging.

With an increasing number of car manufactures announcing they will cease production of petrol and diesel powered vehicles, in the near future electric vehicles will make up the bulk of new car sales. Many houses do not have access to off-street parking. How do those houses avoid being left behind and join the electric future? Presently, households without off-street parking are often illegally running a power lead across the footpath, creating obvious safety concerns. These households therefore have no alternative but to use public charge stations. If you had to charge your phone each day at a public charging station, would you find that satisfactory? For the owner and inventor of Kerb Charge, neither option was good enough. Simply put neither option seemed like a sustainable and long-term solution. Thus, Kerb Charge was born.

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What Is Kerb Charge?


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A Complete Solution

The Kerb Charge system harnesses the power already available in your home, and brings that power to the Kerb Charge unit, which is installed in the kerb in front of your house. From there you simply park your car in the gutter next to the unit, plug in the charging cable and charge your car. The Kerb Charge system includes the Kerb Charge unit, our certified charge station and connection cable to your vehicle. 

Kerb Charge unit

Safety & Reliability

At Kerb Charge we pride ourselves on maintaining the highest safety standards. The Kerb Charge unit has been assessed by numerous authorities and approved by Energy Safe Victoria. We have also been through an extensive permit process with the Port Phillip Council to ensure each unit can be installed safely, without damage to the existing services and surrounding area. 

When designing the Kerb Charge system, we recognised the importance of making sure water couldn't penetrate the charging unit. The unit is sealed, flood proof, and has been extensively tested at an internationally recognised testing facility in Melbourne for water ingress and safety. To further ensure the unit meets the highest safety standards, power is only active when the vehicle is properly connected, at all other times no power flows to the unit. To ensure no one will trip over the unit when not in use, the unit sits flush to the kerb when retracted. It's unobtrusive and therefore presents no tripping hazard. 

Security and reliably have been designed in from the start. The Kerb Charge Unit is protected in the retracted and extended positions; in the retracted position by a key lock, in the extended position by a tamper activated audio lock to deter vandalism and unauthorised use. The Kerb Charge unit is entirely manual, requiring no power or electronics to operate. The stainless-steel housing containing the connecting socket is raised and lowered by hand. Consequently, it is very robust and extremely reliable. 

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The Future

Currently Kerb Charge is only approved for use in the Port Phillip municipality. We are always looking for innovative councils to partner with, to bring our technology to more households and help break down the barriers in the uptake of electric vehicles. 

Kerb Charge levels the playing field, by providing all the benefits of home charging for those EV users who must park on the street, using the kerb directly in front of their home as their own personal charge point.

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